About Us

Fitness Factory was founded by co-owners Andreas and Marinos in May 2014, who share the same passion: fitness and helping people achieve their goals! They have both been Crossfitting since for years. Andreas and Marinos first met at university while both studying sports science. Since then, their goal is to change the way people view workout and that is why they created Fitness Factory community where their No 1 goal is your fitness and wellbeing!

The gym is nestled in Engomi Nicosia, in a building packed with equipment and motivation, and provides a type of workout that will help any individual with any athletic background achieve their goals but in a fun way. Fitness Factory is a team of dedicated coaches that have come together to deliver the program exactly as intended. We have a welcoming atmosphere with a highly supportive group of athletes and staff to help anyone seek elite physical fitness.

What makes us Different – 3 words “Determination – Commitment – Fun”

Fitness Factory goes beyond being just a gym. It is a community where individuals are brought together, and where everyday people become extraordinary athletes. Our coaches are determined to help you achieve your goals, are committed to make it happen, and turn your workout into a fun experience that you enjoy.

That is what differentiates us!