Andreas Ketonis


Andreas Ketonis

Andreas Ketonis

Growing up I lived an extremely active lifestyle, playing multiple sports at once ever since I can remember. First I started playing sports like football, volleyball and basket, and then tried swimming, gymnastics as well as track and field. For the past 8 years I am a martial art professional. I have been training for kick boxing and Muai Thai for 4 years and another 4 years Brazilian Jujitsu where I have been in the championship for the last 2 years.

All these years that I have been working out and training for championship I have tried a variety of methods to improve all the levels required for better performance, like fitness, strength and endurance.

It is when I combined Brazilian Jujitsu practise with Fitness Factorythat I really improved my strength and endurance, as i conquered one silver medal at the European Games in Rome in 2012 and a gold medal in 2014 at the Panhellenic games. CrossFitting for more than two years I realised how different it is from other workout programs and how much it benefits an athlete.

By combining the movement one conducts in their everyday lives, from housewives and young children to professional athletes and special forces individuals, with Fitness Factory we promise the ultimate workout!

Andreas Ketonis

Fitness Factory


University of Nicosia

* Bachelor Sport Science

* CrossFit Level-1 Certified

* CrossFit Gymnastics Certified

* CrossFit Weightlifting Certified

* CrossFit Judge 2014

Your Questions - My Answers

1. Why should i start Fitness Factory??
Lets see..:

Fitness Factory emphasizes intensity, and intensity is what creates results Intensity, of course, is relative, allowing everyone to train at a level appropriate to their own physical and psychological limitations. Most traditional exercise programs
promote low to moderate intensity. Ever heard the myth that, to burn more fat you need to workout at a lower intensity?... this is horribly misguided information that continues to be spread even while current scientific research has found that shorter duration, higher intensity exercise is in fact better for you. Intensity is not something to be afraid of. It is the magic. It’s the secret ingredient that will change your life.

2. Your Opinion about Fitness Factory??
Easy one....:

Well Fitness Factory is a ......Fitness Factory is life-changing .The results you see from Fitness Factory transfer over to other aspects of life. The confidence that it delivers will allow you to perform activities you never thought possible. Not only will you feel better physically, but most people notice changes in their performance at work, at home, and in their relationships.